Hello! This is the TBD Network website! If you've stumbled here on accident, or crossed in from a different dimension, you might want to move along. For safety reasons, obviously, we don't want an interdimensional data breach, now do we?

Anyway! On this site, you'll find the now-relocated P&Q askblog, contact information, and network history. All on the sidebar! Cool, huh?

If you don't know who we are, honestly our PR has been horrible recently, so I don't blame you. As you should be aware, Project BILIE has been mentioned in passing comments in the Clipningham news as of late. While their management team has been adamant that nothing is bad going on in their facility, we and many others have experienced the tragedies and horrors that befall both those who volunteer and are employed there. This is a group of solidarity. Different people with different interests and backgrounds, coming together with one shared goal; to show the country, and the world, the true motives of Project BILIE. Hence, "TBD" Network.

Stel wants me to put more info here for some reason. How about some fun facts. People like those, right?

  1. The About section has been broken for a while now. I mean, I'm supposed to fix it, but it seems more like an anomalous problem and not a software problem. Basically, it's not something I'm going to bother with.
  2. We have always tried to integrate the values of this network into other timestreams. Never quite like this, and I'm not even sure how this happened, but I mean more along the lines of the Clarke sisters' involvement with us.
  3. For communication purposes, we all still use ImusadForum. Yeah, it's bloody outdated to all manners of speech, but it works. And hey, it hasn't shut down yet!
  4. P. is the only American network member, at the request of Q. I'm not sure what the letters stand for, maybe ask Stell for more details?
  5. Our current building is located in Clipningham, which is Stell's hometown. She still hears bells, though as far as I can tell, there are none.
  6. There were once plans for relocation. I had plans to build a brand-new building, outside the skirts of Auchenauven (I thought Nell grew up there). Turns out the plans were all knackered, and so it never got built.

It has come to our attention that some material has been recovered. Click here to access these materials.

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